Friday, May 30, 2014

Topping Dandelions Doesn’t Work

Last year I was lax in attending to an infestation of dandelions in my grass. I started too late and failed to consistently keep up with their removal. Sometimes in my haste to move on to recreation or other more urgent projects, I wasn't careful to ensure the total removal of the weeds. The tops would detach themselves easily, leaving the main plant stem and the roots intact only to regrow within days.
If the lawnmower cut off the flower or fuzzy seedpod and the roots stayed in the ground. God allowed another flower to appear shortly. The secret was to apply a weed and feed product while the grass was wet.
Having Eric Shinseki resign as head of the Veterans Administration is like cutting off the flower of a dandelion. Unless we root out the whole plant, the weed will regrow. Don’t get me wrong, removing the head is a good thing; just insufficient in itself to ultimately solve the problem of VA weeds!

What has been allowed by this administration and previous administrations in regard to veteran medical care is an abomination! The source of the malfeasance and malpractice must be rooted out. Impeachment and criminal prosecution of the head of this federal administration and his complicent sycophants is needed urgently. 
The lies and misdirection must stop! Veterans have given of their lives and health to serve this country. We owe them!