Tuesday, November 13, 2012

To Recover From a Stolen Election

Given the likelihood of an illegal and fraudulent election—based on the many reports by citizens—to recover we must:
  • Declare the recent election invalid.
  • Require submission of irrefutable and, incontrovertible evidence of citizenship by both party’s presidential and vice presidential candidates.
  • Immediately investigate and require evidence of voter fraud.
  • Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law all violations of election laws, including contributions to the candidate’s campaigns and fraudulent attempts or actual repeat voting.
  • Immediately investigate all instances of undue influence by agents of influence connected in any way to terrorist organizations; including unindicted co-conspirators of terror-related trials. Prosecute anyone perpetrating or accepting such influence to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Publish and re-supply new ballots to all voting precincts and deliver to all absentee voters—especially members of the armed forces serving away from their home of record—to enable a new election to be conducted.
  • Establish bi-partisan monitoring—by American citizens only—at each polling station, of both the voting and the counting of ballots.
  • Require proof of citizenship of each voter and identification by picture ID at all polling places.
  • Suspend any actions by the administration or legislature not immediately essential to the continuation of government.
  • Deny the presence within 300’ of polling places of any persons at that are not directly related to the process of accomplishing a valid election. Place violators of this guideline under arrest and remove them from the vicinity of the polling place.

Send this checklist to your legislators and spread it in any venue you have access to. 

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