Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Winds and Waves

In Matthew 14:25-33, we read of the story of Jesus walking on the water and terrifying his disciples as he did so. Then Peter, doubting that it was really Jesus, asked Jesus to invite him to get out of the boat and join Jesus on the water.
Peter was fine until he lost focus and noticed the winds stirring up the waves. Then Peter began to sink and cried out, “Lord, save me!”.
Today, we are concentrating on the winds and waves of Hurricane Sandy and losing focus on God. America is more interested in the favorites on Survivor, The Voice, or American Idol than on the true issues underlying the current election.
We would rather focus on our favorite ball team, than on the under-the-radar initiatives being perpetrated by the Soros/Obama machine which is working apace to undermine our sovereignty and core American values.
The Benghazi scandal is drawing our attention away from the election. Obama sycophants are refusing to believe that their idol, Barak Obama, could possibly be guilty of ignoring the cries of Americans in danger on foreign soil. Instead they are accusing the Republicans of making much ado about nothing.
The media is flagrantly ignoring the obvious lying that took place following the carnage and destruction of our embassy in Libya and the death of four Americans.
The mainstream media is failing to report on essential issues like Obama and Clinton quietly positioning us as a servant of the international United Nations.
Inviting the UN to monitor our upcoming election is but one minor example of the efforts to continue the practice of national genocide through abortions, removal of guns from private ownership, allow international control of the seas by agreeing to the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST). The nose of the camel is under the tent!
America, return to the God of our founding fathers! Prayfully seek God’s guidance on the issues, then vote for the candidate that best embodies the values of the Bible!

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