Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Is Obama Headed Toward Meltdown?

With all the current gaffes uttered by our elected, yet ineligible, President, is Barack showing signs of losing it?
He openly leaks classified information to make himself look like the consummate world leader and putting American lives at risk. He truly is a man of greatness—at least in his own warped mind.
There is so much happening under the radar. Obama is a master illusionist, bamboozling the American electorate with thinly-veiled lies. He is a charter member of the “say it often enough and people will believe it” school—especially when it's reported by the President of the United States of America, blessed be his name! Sycophants will even argue to defend the indefensible.
There is a spirit of blindness in our nation today that reminds one of the blindness God allowed Jews to have to enable their denial of the arrival of the promised Messiah.
Obama’s reactionary response to conservative statements about the disvalue of current national policies indicates he might be near the ragged edge of his limited ability to lead this nation.

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