Thursday, May 10, 2012

UN incursions into U.S. Sovereignty—UPDATE

An editorial in Investor’s Business Daily reported two days ago that the UN is seeking to have the U.S. return Mount Rushmore and its surrounding lands to the Sioux nation that once occupied the region. The editorial suggested:
What concerns us most about this isn't its transparent stupidity. We're used to that from government. No, what concerns us is what this says about the U.N.'s hunger for power, its utter disregard for waste, and its ongoing war against the country that funds it — the U.S.
To say the U.N. is a nondemocratic institution is an understatement. Of the 193 countries that belong to it, just 45% are democracies. Most of its members loathe the U.S. and all it stands for. Anaya is just an example of this.
The U.N. has recently become more intrusive, sticking its nose into the Trayvon Martin case, siding with opponents of state voter-ID laws, and calling Arizona's 2010 law on illegal immigration a violation of human rights. It has no business doing any of this.
While much of the world wallows in war and misery, the U.N. concerns itself with trivialities, the phony threat of global warming, and its socialist "Agenda 21" program — a thinly disguised effort to rob wealthy democratic nations of their wealth and freedom.
The U.S. gave $7.7 billion to the U.N. in 2010, 22% of its regular budget, even though the U.N. is run by unaccountable, U.S.-hating bureaucrats from unfree nations.
A modest proposal: Given the U.N.'s lack of usefulness in this era of runaway spending, why not cut the U.S. contribution to the U.N. in half? Or, better yet, to zero?
Where does the UN get the authority to even suggest such a thing as returning land to the indigenous tribes? The UN even sent James Anaya on a 12-day fact-finding mission for the purpose. Anaya is the U.N.'s so-called "special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples." Anaya wants “to talk about restoring to indigenous peoples what obviously they're entitled to and they have a legitimate claim to in a way that is not divisive but restorative."
Things are getting more and more ridiculous. Obama’s hidden agenda is to drag the United States into the global community no matter if it means losing our national sovereignty. By doing so, Imam Obama can allow the UN to dictate our policies.
Today, there are so many initiatives being undertaken by the Obama administration to destroy America that we are in real danger of disappearing as a nation and setting up a welcoming environment for a one-world ruler, government and economy. If it’s not the Law of the Sea, Kyoto Accord, global gun control, etc. it will always be something that moves us toward the brink of dissolution as a viable national entity.
John Turner, a friend, recently wrote a semi-fictional book entitled, GBA 2015 (Good Bye America 2015) which presents some very scary scenarios that are not far from present reality. If you like horror stories that are too close to reality for comfort, you need to get Turner’s book and read it.
Wake up America! We have met the enemy and they are us!
UPDATE 5/29/2012
See May 21, 2012 article in American Free Press for more details on Obama and Clinton giving away US sovereignty in secret.

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