Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Entertaining the Masses

“The anxious Roman desires only two things—bread and circuses.” Juvinal (Decimus Iunius Iuvenalis) ca AD 1
Entertainment served as a kind of social sedative, to mollify the masses and keep them under control during the days of the Roman Empire under the Caesars. So it seems today is taking place as a diversion from the insidious actions occurring in the world today.
Barack Obama thinks he is a master at it, fool that he is. George Soros works like the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain to machinate his own agenda in the global economy.
As Juvinal, a Roman historian, reported, “bread and circuses” were the primary focus of the common Roman peasant of his time. So today, we see the Occupy movement concerned with getting free food, lodging, education, and medical care, without any requirement for participants to actually produce anything to earn these benefits.
If the powers behind the global economy can keep the masses distracted with mundane things, the assumption is that they will remain ignorant of the true “under the radar” accomplishments of those seeking to keep the masses in bondage to the largess of the power-brokers, sucking at the teat of government rations.
Diversionary efforts are distracting attention from essential matters to obfuscate the truth. Today, for example, Breitbart released a story about unions using the distraction of the effort to unseat Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin to begin an assault on Lousiana Gov. Jindal to recall him while the media is looking at Gov. Walker’s situation in Wisconsin. Full story on Breitbart.
So-called “reality shows” on TV keep the attention of the masses while the current federal administration works to give away our national sovereignty to the UN. While people are discussing who will get voted off in the next round of Survivor, American Idol, American Ninja Warrior, etc., Obama is working to take away the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans, putting in place foreign intrusion into our legal system, appointing czars to administer death panels, and setting up policies for incarceration without judicial process.
It is “death by a thousand cuts” for America.
Only citizen vigilance will be able to detect the distractions. We must be awake to recognize what’s happening. Wake Up America!
The Jews were blinded to the arrival of the Messiah (Jesus) and their hearts were hardened because God gave them a spirit of stupor (Romans 11:7-8). In the same way, Satan is blinding the eyes and hearts of people globally to the machinations of powers working to enslave the world and form a one-world government under the guise of benefitting them.
The ignorant, blind and complacent will ultimately bear the burden of allowing distractions to capture the focus of their attention. John the apostle recorded in Revelation the results of ignorance and complacency.

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