Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Under-the-Radar Power Moves

President Barak has become the master of obfuscation and there are signs that we may need to be alert for similar behavior from Mitt Romney, assuming that, now that Rick Santorum has suspended his candidacy for the Republican nomination, he remains secretive about his finances and some aspects of his Mormon background.
Obama’s recent signing of what I choose to call the Landscape Bill (HR 347 Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011) because it sounds like it has to do with landscaping the White House and other government properties. The bill is patently unconstitutional because it denies Americans their First Amendment rights of free speech, assembly and redress of grievances supposedly guaranteed by the Constitution. What was amazing was the minuscule notice the bill got in Congress before being passed nearly unanimously and forwarded to the President for his signature. There was almost no debate in the Committee on the Judiciary prior to the bill’s presentation for a vote and then its subsequent passing 399 to 3 in the House of Representatives.
The constitutional rights of Americans are being eroded bit by bit by this administration. This time it was with a complicit legislature. What is urgently needed is a radical house-cleaning by our alleged representatives. Clearly the predominant thinking in Washington is that we are stupid.
World Net Daily cites the book, A Nation of Sheep, by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, which:
Frankly discusses how the federal government has circumvented the Constitution and is systematically dismantling the rights and freedoms that are the foundation of American democracy. He challenges Americans to recognize that they are being led down a very dangerous path and that the cost of following without challenge is the loss of the basic freedoms that facilitate our pursuit of happiness and that define us as a nation.
Judge Napolitano asks the questions that no one else will, challenging readers to rethink why they are blindly following a government that has only its own interests in mind.
Are we sheep? Others are calling for complacent Christians to wake up, step up and speak up to their representatives, holding their feet to the fire, so to speak. Christians must no longer be sheep, but rather sheep dogs to protect those who want to remain sheep.
The kinds of things Obama and his administration are rapidly engaged in must be stopped or we can say goodbye to the freedoms we Americans have known for over 200 years! In Obama’s thinking, the U.S. Constitution is a dead instrument and the world would be better led by the diverse United Nations mandates.
Removal of the Second Amendment rights to bear arms is being signed away by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, acting on behalf of Obama.
Can anyone else see a problem here?
Hitler’s early success can be attributed to poor economic conditions of the time and partially to the disarmed people of Germany being unable to counter aggressive Fascist initiatives that are very similar to the Socialist initiatives of the Obama administration. It took a world war to counter that mistake. It may take another world war to counter the things that are going on today.

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