Friday, March 23, 2012

Research and Writing Spiritual Tsunami

By Dr. Fred Thompson
After a several week hiatus from blogging, I have returned to tell of the process that consumed me for the past 24 months. Research for Spiritual Tsunami required reading and studying 60 books on related subjects and surfing through 228 news articles on those subjects.
Most of the substantive articles were from foreign (primarily European, Middle Eastern, and Asian) newspapers, journals and blogs. This was because of the general decline of journalistic ethics in the American and some of the foreign media. The effort required discerning analysis of the information to unmask the “under the radar” material that reveals the truth of what’s happening. The facts are all out there waiting to be discovered. Just as in the search for gold, one must be alert to recognize the pyrites among the genuine ore.
Pyrite, for those who might not know, has a brass-yellow hue and metallic luster which has earned it  the nickname fool's gold because of its resemblance to gold. Gold and pyrite are often found together in deposits. So it is with information about world events and how they might tie to Bible prophecy. One has to excavate and carefully examine the unearthed material to discover the connections.
The research process is much like putting together a jigsaw puzzle while being distracted by the nefarious efforts of master illusionists. Some of the facts were truly hidden in plain sight, so obvious that they could be overlooked without careful observation.
But, I made the decision to cut off further research prior to publication and send the book off to the publisher to print it. The book is now available on the following book web sites:
Barnes & Noble         
Westbow Press         
The research still goes on as world events continue to take place in the inevitable convergence toward fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Future blogs will report on their convergence.
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