Thursday, March 29, 2012

Foreshadowing Ezekiel 38

Joel Rosenberg’s blog,, posted yesterday discussed two events that may foreshadow the events of Ezekiel 38.
Russia's Gazprom, the world's biggest energy conglomerate, wants to partner in the Leviathan license, contributing to the development costs estimated at $6 billion-$8 billion, a deal that would probably accelerate development and production. Leviathan, named after the Biblical sea monster, is the huge gas field (estimated to contain 20 trillion cubic feet of natural gas) off the coast of Israel discovered three years ago. Leviathan is estimated to contain some of the world's largest offshore reserves
UPI reported, “The second option for Russia involves buying Leviathan gas to sell in the Middle East and Far East, where Gazprom wants to consolidate its position to compensate for anticipated losses in recession-hit Europe. Under the third, Gazprom would become a license partner involved in production and export through liquefaction terminals and shared exports.”
Israel, further, is looking to capitalize on the gas reserves by selling the gas to Arab nations. Reuters reported, “Israel is willing to sell some of its new natural gas bonanza to Arab neighbors, in the hope this will improve relations in the troubled region, the country's energy minister said on Wednesday.”
Ezekiel 38 tells of a time in which a coalition of nations (likely led by Russia “Magog”) will band together to attack Israel when they least expect it. Russia is currently looking to see the price for oil raised to $150 per barrel to aid their economy.
Could Russia want to insinuate herself into the economy of Israel for not-so-righteous reasons?
Vladimr Putin plans to visit Israel after his election this spring. The juxtaposition of these things opens many questions about the underlying plans afoot for Israel.
Take heart, no matter what transpires; God will not allow Israel to succumb to violent initiatives against her! See Chapters 3 and 16 of Spiritual Tsunami for a longer discussion of events.

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