Friday, March 30, 2012

News Sources to Follow

To keep track of world news and events, the following English language sources (used in researching Spiritual Tsunami) will be useful:
General World News
The Economist
Associated Press
United Press International—
Joel Rosenberg’s Flash Traffic blog—
Godfather Politics blog—
Koinonia House eNewsletter
New York Times
Yahoo News
LIGNET (Langley Intelligence Gathering Network)—
Russian Television, (select Translate)
Wall Street Journal
Time Magazine
World Net Daily
Israel News (Ynet News)—
Israeli National News (Arutz Sheva 7)
Jerusalem Post

Middle East
Gulf News
Note: This list is only representative of some news sources which provide information often not available or under-published in the American news media. Wise world citizens will observe other sources of information and fit it into the fabric of world events. I researched over 250 different media sources and 60 books on related subjects to write Spiritual Tsunami.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Foreshadowing Ezekiel 38

Joel Rosenberg’s blog,, posted yesterday discussed two events that may foreshadow the events of Ezekiel 38.
Russia's Gazprom, the world's biggest energy conglomerate, wants to partner in the Leviathan license, contributing to the development costs estimated at $6 billion-$8 billion, a deal that would probably accelerate development and production. Leviathan, named after the Biblical sea monster, is the huge gas field (estimated to contain 20 trillion cubic feet of natural gas) off the coast of Israel discovered three years ago. Leviathan is estimated to contain some of the world's largest offshore reserves
UPI reported, “The second option for Russia involves buying Leviathan gas to sell in the Middle East and Far East, where Gazprom wants to consolidate its position to compensate for anticipated losses in recession-hit Europe. Under the third, Gazprom would become a license partner involved in production and export through liquefaction terminals and shared exports.”
Israel, further, is looking to capitalize on the gas reserves by selling the gas to Arab nations. Reuters reported, “Israel is willing to sell some of its new natural gas bonanza to Arab neighbors, in the hope this will improve relations in the troubled region, the country's energy minister said on Wednesday.”
Ezekiel 38 tells of a time in which a coalition of nations (likely led by Russia “Magog”) will band together to attack Israel when they least expect it. Russia is currently looking to see the price for oil raised to $150 per barrel to aid their economy.
Could Russia want to insinuate herself into the economy of Israel for not-so-righteous reasons?
Vladimr Putin plans to visit Israel after his election this spring. The juxtaposition of these things opens many questions about the underlying plans afoot for Israel.
Take heart, no matter what transpires; God will not allow Israel to succumb to violent initiatives against her! See Chapters 3 and 16 of Spiritual Tsunami for a longer discussion of events.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Science Marches On

In Chapter 14 of Spiritual Tsunami, I reported on a number of scientific initiatives currently being worked on. Some have potential for great benefit and others could be subverted to evil purposes.
Scientists around the nation (e.g. Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and University of Texas at Dallas) are working on new technology that has the potential to greatly benefit mankind.
Potential Medicine Delivery Vehicle
The Stanford Daily reported on research being done at Stanford University on a miniature electronic device which can "swim" through a person's bloodstream to deliver medicine, guide catheters, and perform other precise medical operations, using a tiny computer chip. The little microchip measures just 3-by-4 millimeters, receives power and directions wirelessly, and uses electromagnetic induction for locomotion through fluids like human veins and arteries.
The team, led by Stanford electrical engineering professor Ada Poon, had several challenges in developing the chip, which works by integrating some new technologies and building on Poon's previous research. The Stanford University School of Engineering reported:
Poon was not so much in search of a new technology; she was in search of a new math. The antenna on the device Poon demonstrated at the conference yesterday is just two millimeters square; small enough to travel through the bloodstream.
She has developed two types of self-propelled devices. One drives electrical current directly through the fluid to create a directional force that pushes the device forward. This type of device is capable of moving at just over half-a-centimeter per second. The second type switches current back-and-forth in a wire loop to produce swishing motion similar to the motion a kayaker makes to paddle upstream.
“There is considerable room for improvement and much work remains before these devices are ready for medical applications,” said Poon. “But for the first time in decades the possibility seems closer than ever.”
Super-Strong Artificial Muscle Fiber
Inspired by a visit from the Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA), Dr. Ray H. Baughman and his team at the NanoTech Institute at the University of Texas at Dallas have created artificial muscles by spinning carbon nanotubes into yarn that is stronger than steel.
In an interview with EarthSky reported in SmartPlanet, Dr. Baughman said:
A catalyst-contacting carbon nanotube electrode is used as fuel-cell electrode to convert chemical energy to electrical energy as a super-capacitor electrode to store the electrical energy. It is also used as a muscle electrode to transform the electrical energy to mechanical energy. Then, a fuel-powered charge injection in a carbon nanotube electrode produces the changes that are needed for it to function. This is possible due to a combination of quantum mechanical and electrostatic effects present on the nanoscale, Baughman said.
Baughman told Jorge Salazar with EarthSky that a carbon nanotube is a little cylinder of carbon that can be one-thousandth the diameter for a human hair. Further, the individual carbon nanotubes are twisted together until it [reminds one of] some sort of a yarn.
Potential applications “range from robots and morphing air vehicles to dynamic Braille displays and muscles.”
Wirelessly controlled drug-delivery chip
MIT professors Robert Langer and Michael Cima had the idea to develop a programmable, wirelessly controlled microchip that would deliver drugs after implantation in a patient’s body. This week, the MIT researchers and scientists from MicroCHIPS Inc. reported that they have successfully used such a chip to administer daily doses of an osteoporosis drug normally given by injection:
“Compliance is very important in a lot of drug regimens, and it can be very difficult to get patients to accept a drug regimen where they have to give themselves injections,” says Cima, the David H. Koch Professor of Engineering at MIT. “This avoids the compliance issue completely, and points to a future where you have fully automated drug regimens.”

Friday, March 23, 2012

Research and Writing Spiritual Tsunami

By Dr. Fred Thompson
After a several week hiatus from blogging, I have returned to tell of the process that consumed me for the past 24 months. Research for Spiritual Tsunami required reading and studying 60 books on related subjects and surfing through 228 news articles on those subjects.
Most of the substantive articles were from foreign (primarily European, Middle Eastern, and Asian) newspapers, journals and blogs. This was because of the general decline of journalistic ethics in the American and some of the foreign media. The effort required discerning analysis of the information to unmask the “under the radar” material that reveals the truth of what’s happening. The facts are all out there waiting to be discovered. Just as in the search for gold, one must be alert to recognize the pyrites among the genuine ore.
Pyrite, for those who might not know, has a brass-yellow hue and metallic luster which has earned it  the nickname fool's gold because of its resemblance to gold. Gold and pyrite are often found together in deposits. So it is with information about world events and how they might tie to Bible prophecy. One has to excavate and carefully examine the unearthed material to discover the connections.
The research process is much like putting together a jigsaw puzzle while being distracted by the nefarious efforts of master illusionists. Some of the facts were truly hidden in plain sight, so obvious that they could be overlooked without careful observation.
But, I made the decision to cut off further research prior to publication and send the book off to the publisher to print it. The book is now available on the following book web sites:
Barnes & Noble         
Westbow Press         
The research still goes on as world events continue to take place in the inevitable convergence toward fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Future blogs will report on their convergence.
Enjoy the book and submit your comments on my Facebook page: