Saturday, February 18, 2012

But God . . .!

In my new book, Spiritual Tsunami: Bible Prophecy and World Events are Converging; I close all but the last chapter with the words, “But God . . .!” The world events identified in the book are so dark and potentially negative that I wanted to remind my readers that, no matter what may happen, it doesn’t happen unless it is in God’s timing and plan for the end times.
The last chapter notes, “And God! To encourage readers that, if believers are faithful to Him, it all will turn out well in the end. At the last, believers win! Non-believers will need fire-proof bathing suits to equip them for a swim in the Lake of Fire. Sounds harsh, but scripture says that is what will take place as a direct consequence of man’s preoccupation with selfish desires instead of seeking to fulfill their destiny of living in the image of God.

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