Friday, January 27, 2012

Spiritual Tsunami: Bible Prophecy & World Events Are Converging

Coming in late March or April!
Release of new book—Spiritual Tsunami: Bible Prophecy & World Events Are Converging
Current events in the news more and more read and sound like the fulfillment of end-times bible prophecies! Correlation between the bible and current events is clearer now than five years ago. We cannot afford to keep sticking our heads in the sand about this convergence.
We are not there yet, but things are plainly making strong headway toward the reality of prophesied end-times happenings. The key word is Watch!
We must remain knowledgably vigilant. Scripture must be studied for clues and signposts of last-day events and then comparison must be made with reported events to discern how they relate to one another.
The book will be available on and or through the publisher,

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